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[17 Nov 2010|10:19am]
you can follow me on twitter @jillcostumes if you wish.

MFF stuff

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[30 Mar 2010|11:49pm]
hey there, this is a journal for my artwork, sketches, and the occasional off-topic sort of thing. feel free to add me to your watch list! just a note, most of my posts are image-intensive.

i'm a painter, illustrator and cartoonist and i really enjoy working in a variety of styles--both a blessing and a curse. i like experimenting too, so i'll be posting a wide range of work here, ranging from animals to caricature to conceptual work.

to see more of my work, feel free to check out my website--mercurypale.com

thanks, hope you enjoy!

-jill c./'jill0r'
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sorry [18 Feb 2010|09:03pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i don't want to say that this journal is defunct, but i can't say that i am making a whole lot that anyone would be interested in seeing. i'm not really creating anything besides costumes these days. i'm disappointed in myself but i don't know where to pick back up and i'm not sure i am in the right environment to do so; every project i finish is something that i enjoy working on but it also has to equate to sustaining myself in a very expensive city. my work area is dominated by costume materials--my paints and drawing tools occupy maybe 1/5 of this space. maybe i need to live with another visual artist or be in a situation in which it's easier to make friends; self employment at home is a pretty unique situation.

i'm out of ideas and i can't justify making anything now that isn't going to pay a bill or help with the rent. i thought that moving here to the city would put me in a better place creatively but i've made so little in the past year that i am embarrassed to even pick up a pencil or a brush anymore. all of my marks are clumsy and i don't really have an audience for my work anymore so i just don't feel like taking time away from my paid work to make anything new. i don't keep a sketchbook anymore, i paint maybe twice a year, my paintbrushes are dirty with fake fur. i am complaining a little but i am apologizing at the same time, to both you and myself. i am glad that i am still working with my hands but i don't feel that it is the best niche to stay with for so long ...

i'd love to do some shows someday once i feel like i am producing something that has mass appeal. i think i got stuck between 'furry' and 'general artwork' and now i am not sure what to do. i like making artwork for me, and what i do is mostly just that, but it's icing on the cake to have you enjoy it, too.

you're welcome to keep up with my costume work at jillcostumes. it would be redundant to post that stuff here, for sure. i'll be posting some new artwork here by the summer, i hope.

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[04 Jan 2010|03:18pm]
and here ... is a dog with a beard. for the new year. YEAH

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LAST CHANCE to order Tube Ferret toys! [04 Jan 2010|03:16pm]
hey! just wanted to give one last HEADS-UP if you were thinking about picking up a TUBE FERRET figure! these guys are 4" tall, handpainted resin!

preorder sales END ON JANUARY 10th. if you don't place an order by this date, you are NOT guaranteed that your order will be filled!

these guys will be shipping out in February, and are $19.95 each. i am psyched to see them in person, and even more excited at all the support i received for the project! thanks you guys!

should you want to order a Tube Ferret, you can do so at Patchtogether, or check out more photos!

thanks!! :D
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ORIGINAL ARTWORK for sale! [24 Nov 2009|11:50pm]

sure, it's not quite black friday but i wanted to give everyone a shot at this stuff before thanksgiving! i only sell artwork AT CONVENTIONS -- if you are interested in original pieces or ONE OF A KIND GICLEE PRINTS from me, this is a rare shot to pick up pieces you might have missed at a con! my prices are firm, but if you're interested in more than one piece i would be willing to work something out with you. let me know!

-i ship worldwide -- shipping prices vary per piece and i will need your location to calculate a price.
-shipping price can be adjusted if you do NOT want the frame [mats cannot be removed from the prints].
-Paypal is PREFERRED.

if you are interested in a piece, LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY ORIGINAL LIVEJOURNAL POST HERE or shoot me an email at mercurypale AT gmail . com!


artwork for sale! prices, info and images!!Collapse )

thanks! if you have ANY questions at all, do let me know!


[18 Nov 2009|10:53am]

see some of you dudes this weekend ... !
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[15 Nov 2009|12:56pm]
another piece for MFF, this one is big so it's thumbnailed ...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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[15 Nov 2009|12:54pm]


my TUBE FERRET design made it through voting and is now up for SALE! 4" tall figure, your choice of SABLE/BROWN or WHITE, for only $14.95 each -- the cheapest toy available on patchtogether! i wanted to keep them simple so the price would be LOW LOW LOW, so i hope you guys are happy with the price the guys over at patchtogether have gone with!

this is a PRE-ORDER item and will not ship for 2+ months. once i've reached 20 orders, they will create a prototype for you to see [i've surpassed this, only a matter of time]. patchtogether DOES NOT accept paypal, sorry! your card WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL THE TOY SHIPS.

YEAH!!! thanks to everyone who voted! this is so awesome!! i'm gonna do a DANCE!
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heart [13 Nov 2009|11:29pm]
i wish i could find more time to paint these days

one of a bunch of pieces headed to MFF this year ...
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[04 Nov 2009|08:27pm]
gah, forgot to post this here! it's available until 12AM CST!!

"CAMPIONE" shirt up for sale TODAY ONLY, only $10! RIPT ships everywhere, as far as i know! i really like this design, it's about 2 months late going up for sale but i hope at least one of yall likes it :D let me know if you grab one! this shirt is available today, WEDNESDAY ONLY! :)

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TOY DESIGN TIME! [29 Oct 2009|09:40pm]

GUYS! i did a TUBE FERRET toy design! it's up for voting and comments over at PatchTogether, and YOU are the only ones who can help push it through into production! this would be a 4" - 5" tall TOY that you can put on your desk, throw at your real pet ferrets, whatever! REENACT THE FERRET DANCE animation! comes in two flavours, sable and white!

in order to get the design pushed to pre-production, i need YOU to register for Patchtogether [if you have not yet!], vote the design a "5" AND leave a COMMENT [seriously, the comments COUNT]. what's in it for you? YOUR OWN TUBE FERRET.

please, please, help out if you have a moment, pass it around, it honestly doesn't take much at all to get the ball rolling on this -- i would flip shit for 9 days straight if this came together. i am an avid dsigner toy collector and to have one of my own designs sitting next to my labbits and evil skaters and dunnies, well ... i would likely EXPLODE.

*apparently the website doesn't work with IE [5, 6, 7, newer versions ok], i can't help this, but having it looked at. should be fixed soon.

click those ferrs to vote! thank you!!!!
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[01 Sep 2009|02:16am]
a new shirt design i finished, i needed to do something fun

if you'd like, send me an email at jill0r at gmail . com with SHIRT LIST as the subject and i will shoot you a message about when and where it will be available!
this shirt will be on sale for only $10 for ONE DAY ONLY!

there doesn't seem to be a ton of interest in purchasing my shirts when they're printed up but i'll post here and let you guys know regardless :)
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new JILLCOSTUMES journal [23 Aug 2009|10:22am]
hey there --

just making a post to let everyone know that i have finally made a NEW Livejournal account just for my costume work -- i will no longer be posting it here [not that I was posting any of it on a regular basis here, but] -- the new journal is jillcostumes!

i will still be posting all of my other work here @ jillarts, but all of my costume work will be at jillcostumes! if you like costumes, add it to your friends list! 8)

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[19 Aug 2009|09:23am]
there are different names for the same things

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costume for sale! [08 Aug 2009|10:51am]
i've got an adorable puppy girl costume up for sale that's still at the minimum bid price; auction ends tomorrow [sunday] evening!


MARIE SPANIEL is up for bids this week at Furbid! the costume comes complete with --
  • the balaclava-based mask,
  • fluffy spaniel tail,
  • brand new handpaws built for you,
  • a pair of sleeves,
  • and a "Marie" conbadge

the starting bid is very low and she'd make a great first suit or an adorable, spunky addition to any experienced costumer's collection of character personalities! auction ends on SUNDAY! if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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custom bottlecap charms!! [23 Jul 2009|09:38am]
can i interest anybody in a custom bottlecap charm/cellphone strap/magnet/keychain?

$16 will get you a bottlecap with original marker and ink artwork of your character inside, sealed under a thick layer of gloss sealant with a ring attached -- i will include a keychain or a cellphone strap, a magnet or leave it as a charm, your choice. i will draw any character you'd like, but please keep in mind, bottlecaps are tiny. the $16 includes paypal fees [$1] as well as the shipping and handling within the US [$2.50]. ask me about international shipping. please consider paypal subtracts 3% of each payment for fees.

if you want something cute and cheap, here's your chance. leave a comment if you'd like one.

thank you. :)
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[18 Jul 2009|11:42am]
procrastinating so bad on the work i have to do ...

a Finished Drawing back here, it has half a boob in it thoughCollapse )
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[12 Jul 2009|11:04am]
my TALL TREES fox/jackalmonster shirt is available on teextiel for $15 until sunday evening; it is gone FOREVER on monday!

click on 'TALL TREES' if it doesn't come up automagically :)


it's an awesome unique design that covers the whole front of the shirt and will NOT be printed ever again -- i will have no extras, they won't be carried in any online store, so if you like one, grab it now!

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[07 Jul 2009|10:42am]
i won over at teextile again, so i've got another shirt up for sale this week!

july 6-12 my shirt will be on sale for $15 -- it will be $12 on WEDNESDAY ONLY!

i know some of you ordered the REDUX shirt and they're working on printing them; teextile takes about a month but you will get your shirts! :)


just thought i'd let you guys know as some of you expressed interest in this design as well :) the original painting was in the AC artshow this past weekend!

i'm out of town but i'll try to catch up on emails soon :3
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